About Mary

Mary Goldmintz – Jerusalem Artist combines in her life and art the connection between the City of gold, of prayer, and hope, and the magic of artistic creation.



Mary, daughter of Bracha and Menachem Lavee, was born in 1972, and raised in Malcha, a picturesque old Middle Eastern village in Jerusalem. Her parents met in "Bezalel" – The leading school of Art and Design in Israel, and started their Art Studio at their figurative house, rising up their family on the values of tradition, aesthetics art and love to Jerusalem. Her mother, Bracha Lavee is a renowned Judaica artist with international acclaim.


Mary draws from her childhood visions the textures, colors, materials and shapes that signify her art, growing up between the Mosque and the synagogue in the domed stone house. During her military service, Mary met Micha her beloved Husband and life companion. Together, Mary and Micha combine spirit and creation with initiative and design. Their art transformed itself over and over again with the use of a large selection of materials and expressions.


By 1994, while studying Industrial design in "Bezalel", Mary and Micha launched their independent artistic career. The couple started a unique artistic carpentry, where Micha built custom made furniture and Mary dressed them in her hand drawn magical designs. Their art led them to design night clubs and coffee houses in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv, Where Micha's work in metal and wood comes to life and movement with Mary's brush strokes. Mary's art was enriched further through her work as an art teacher in a special education school in Jerusalem.


In the past year, in her home in a small village nestled in the Jerusalem mountain range, Mary created a new innovative expression: Wall – fine art, hand painted metal sculptures. The creation of the sculptures is a delicate process. Starting with a laser cut of the metal, based on Mary's precise sketches, and continues with dressing them up in robes made of splendid and magnificent industrial paints. Layer after layer the colors convey an uplifting atmosphere of tradition coming to blaze.

Mary injects new life to old biblical figures and their country's views. She reclaims their stature in our daily lives and their place in the age of modern abstract art. Through the figurative and beauty, Mary has found a way to connect her modern Israeli existence with her traditional Jewish roots.


Mary: artist, wife, mother and teacher bring to life the ancient beauty of the biblical women. Through the use of the hard cold metal the feminine beauty finds a bold and magnificent expression, just like a jewel on a woman's neck, the sculptures adorn the wall in a game of color, lines, shapes and light. Mary is retelling our traditional stories in a heart warming manner.